Pioneer and Rimrock Camps Tiered Pricing

We know that every family has different abilities and resources to pay for camp, which is why, this year, Pioneer and Rimrock camps are introducing a voluntary three-tiered pricing program. This gives you the ability to choose the tier that is most affordable for your family. No matter which price is selected, all campers receive the same camp experience.  In the past, our camps have always offered a subsidized rate which is lower than the actual cost associated with running summer camp. We have been able to do this due to the funding we receive from the Presbytery of South Dakota, organizations, individuals, and churches who are committed to the Pioneer and Rimrock ministry and the impact they have on the lives of countless children, youth, and families.

Our goal in introducing tiered pricing is simple: we want to continue to provide a safe, active, and inclusive Christian community at the camps for all who attend, while offering opportunities for partnership for those who value this ministry and wish to help preserve Camp Rimrock and Pioneer Camp for generations to come.

Again, this program is completely voluntary and does not affect the experience your camper may receive at camp. It simply offers an opportunity for you to take an active role in supporting more closely the true cost of the camp experience if your financial situation allows.

  • Tier I– This is the lowest rate and is the subsidized rate our camps have historically offered. This price does not reflect what it costs to run a summer camp program.
  • Tier II– This is a partially subsidized rate for families who wish to pay a little more to help support the Camps ministry.
  • Tier III– This rate most closely reflects what it costs for us to run a summer camp program at our camps, including facility upkeep and maintenance, staffing, utilities, and equipment.